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Triple SCART Audio/Video Switch Has Output Buffers

Digital set-top boxes and DVD+R/W applications are among the key uses for MAX4399, a triple SCART audio/video switch with integrated 150 ohms output buffers. The switch provides audio and video routing from the digital encoder to TV, VCR, and AUX SCART connectors. And its TV audio channel features clickless switching and programmable volume control from -56 to +6 dB in 2 dB steps. The MAX4399 mixes an auxiliary audio tone into the TV audio channel and the stereo audio signal into a mono audio signal. The device directly drives an external RF modulator with a composite video with blanking and sound (CVBS) signal created by an on-chip luma/ chroma (Y/C) mixer. The IC operates from 5V and 12V supplies and supports slow and fast switching. All video and audio inputs are ac-coupled. The dc biases of all inputs and output signals are set to predefined levels, and all video outputs, including the RF modulator, drive standard 150 ohms loads. Red, green, and blue (RGB) outputs feature 6 dB ±1 dB programmable gain. All other video outputs have a 6 dB fixed gain. The VCR and AUX audio output gains are programmable for -6 dB, 0 dB, and +6 dB. The MAX4399 is available in a 68-pin QFN package, spans a 0°C to 70°C temperature range, and has a starting price of $1.95 each/100,000-up. MAXIM INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, Customer Service, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 998-8800.


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