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Triple Video Amp Drives Multiple Lines

A triple-channel video amplifier, the ZXFV203, drives component video lines in the RGB, RGsB and YPbPr formats. The device is stable for loads up to 400 pF and maintains an output of 3V at 40 mA load current. It operates as a current feedback amplifier that has a unity-gain bandwidth of 300 MHz and a slew rate of 400 V/µs. Color saturation and hue integrity are ensured by a low differential gain error of 0.01% and a low differential phase error of 0.01°. The amplifier operates from supply voltages of ±5V, ±5%. The amplifier comes in a 14-pin small outline plastic package whose pin out is similar to that of a quad op amp with one channel omitted. Typical applications are video buffering, pc card video capture, line driving, routing and switching. Price is $1.02 each/10,000. ZETEX INC., Hauppauge, NY. (631) 360-2222.

Company: ZETEX INC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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