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Ultra-High Speed Logic Devices Housed In Mini-SOP Packages

Three new ultra-high speed logic devices have been added to the company's ECL Pro logic family—the ever-expanding ECL Pro logic family is said to offer an easy upgrade path from On Semiconductor's ECLinPS Lite devices. The three additions to the ECL Pro logic family are the SY10EP16V 3.3V/5V differential receiver, the SY10EP58V 3.3V/5V 2:1 multiplexer, and the Sy10EP01V 4-input OR/NOR gate.
The devices are housed in a SOIC-8 package , as well as in the new MSOP-8 package, which is half the size of the SOIC-8. The ECL interface devices work to support the increasing speeds of applications such as optical networking, SONET/SDH, telecomm and communications test equipment now requiring higher performance. Pricing for SY10EP16V, SY10EP58V and SY10EP01V starts at $5.94 each/1,000.


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