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Ultra-Low-Power Analog Voltage Reference ICs Are Accurate To 0.02 Percent

Combining very high initial accuracy with low supply-current consumption and a stable temperature coefficient, the CAT8900 family of voltage reference ICs enables precision performance in test equipment and portable battery-powered data-acquisition systems. The CAT8900 devices offer accuracy as high as 0.02 percent and a stable 20- ppm/ºC temperature coefficient with low 800- nA maximum supply current. These ICs come in nine voltage references: 1.024 V, 1.200 V, 1.250 V, 1.800 V, 2.048 V, 2.500 V, 2.600 V, 3.000 V, and 3.300 V. Each reference is available in four accuracy grades: ±0.5 mV, ±1.0 mV, ±2.5 mV, and ±5.0 mV. The devices source or sink up to 10 mA of load current with as little as 50 mV of dropout. In most applications, they do not require an output bypass capacitor. The CAT8900 precision voltage references come in a Pb-free, RoHS-compliant, 3-lead SOT-23 package. The per-unit prices for 10,000-piece quantities are: $0.60 for ±5.0 mV initial accuracy versions; $0.92 for ±2.5 mV initial accuracy versions; $1.55 for ±1.0 mV initial accuracy versions ; and $2.44 for ±0.5 mV initial accuracy versions. Samples are available now. Projected lead time for production quantities is eight to 12 weeks. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, Phoenix, AZ. (888)-743-7826.



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