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Undershoot-Hardened Bus Switches Block Unintended Data

Designed with integrated circuitry that senses undershoot levels in excess of -2V on any I/O data port, the FSTU family of undershoot-hardened bus switches- the FSTU6800, FSTU6800A and FSTU3384- provides a bias voltage override to maintain the switch in the isolation state. The switches offer low power consumption and are well-suited for servers, data routers, network and telecomm switches, and RAID systems that require peripheral and network card hot-swap capability while maintaining a high degree of data integrity. They're used to isolate peripheral and network interface cards from their bus during live insertion and withdrawal and block unintended data from the bus by maintaining the data bus and interface cards in an isolated state, even when undershoot conditions occur on an I/O data port.


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