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Unified Platform Brings Top TPC-H Scores To Servers

Targeting servers such as the IBM eServer 325, the Operton processor model 256 provides a unified platform for servers and workstations, enabling simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing. For a 300-Gbyte database, the QppH rating for the IBM e325 hits 13194, which is higher than that of an HP Proliant 900-MHz system and the Hewlett-Packard 1-GHz AlphaServer. For a 100-Gbyte database, the IBM e325 delivers a QppH of 12214, which more than doubles that of a 1-GHz AlphaServer. The 64-bit processor capabilities are supported by a number of Linux suppliers, such as SuSe, Mandrake Soft, Turbolinux, and Red Hat. The Advance Server 3.0 operating system, slated for release later this year, will include 64-bit support. In lots of 1000 units, the Opteron 256 costs $794 each.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

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