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VHF Processor Sets Sail In Maritime Transceivers

VHF Processor Sets Sail In Maritime Transceivers

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Addressing the requirements of low-cost, highly-integrated marine VHF transceivers, the CMX885 VHF baseband processor offers complete audio processing with selectable audio-processing order. The device provides in-band signaling capabilities including DSC, ATIS, DTMF, NWR WAT, and SAME. Embedded functionality also allows for the use of a very small, low-power low-cost host microcontroller. Other features include digital gain control, pre-/de-emphasis, filtering, soft limiting, voice scrambling options, a 1,200 bps digital selcall (DSC) modem with protocol support, an automatic transmitter identification system (ATIS) modem, and NOAA weather radio decoding support. Viable for both portable and fixed transceivers, the CMX885 relies on dual Rx channel operation for DSC class D conformance. Additionally, it operates between 3V and 3.6V and is available in 48-pin VQFN and LQFP packages. CML MICROCIRCUITS INC., Winston-Salem, NC. (800) 638-5577.


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