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Video Amps Go High Def

Dressed for HDTV, pro video, and medical imaging, the TSH340 and TSH341 300-MHz video amplifiers operate on a single 3V to 5V supply and can drive signals on 75? lines at close to 0V. The TSH340 is a buffer with internal gain set at 6 dB, and the TSH341 is an op-amp using the same voltage-feedback architecture as the TSH340, but allows gain to be set externally. Both employ a 0.25-µm complementary manufacturing technology to achieve a 9.8-mA quiescent current. Shared features include a gain flatness of 65 MHz, input-voltage noise of 7 nV/√Hz, and an input/output negative rail topology that allows them to drive the signal to within 60 mV of ground while operating on a single 5V supply. Specified for 150Ω and 100Ω loads and available in SOT23-5 and SO8 plastic packages, price for either device is $1.50 each/5,000. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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