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Video Amps Support DC-Coupling Operation

Designed in 120V bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) technology, the TDA9556/9555/9553 video amplifiers are said to be the industry's first such devices capable of directly driving the three cathodes of a CRT monitor. This direct drive approach is known as operating in dc-coupling mode. Designed to operate with the TDA9210 video preamplifier, the three-channel devices operate on supply voltages of 12V (VCC) and 115V (VDD). Power consumption in standby mode is 60 mW and the output voltage range is wide enough to simultaneously provide cut-off adjustment, video contrast, and brightness. The difference between each device is its rise and fall times: 7.5 ns (TDA9556), 9.5 ns (TDA9555) and 11 ns (TDA9553). Available now in a CLIPWATT 11 (CW11) plastic packages, the TDA9556 costs $0.90 each/50,000. Also supplied in CW11s are the TDA9555 and TDA9553. STMICROELECTRONICS INC., Lexington, MA. (781) 861-2650.


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