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Video Crosspoint Switches Lower Power, Raise Bandwidth

Reportedly, the ADV320x family of buffered, analog crosspoint switches use 40% less power and deliver 300% more bandwidth than comparable devices. The switches consume 1.25W of power and provide a bandwidth of 300 MHz. They consist of 1,024 switches arranged in a 32 x 32 matrix and exploit a non-blocking architecture that allows any combination of outputs to interface with any combination of inputs. Each input integrates a buffer and a sync-tip clamp while each output integrates a 2:1 multiplexer and an output amplifier. Other features include a 400 V/?s slew rate and a 0.1-dB gain flatness out to 60 MHz. The ADV3200 operates at a gain of +1 while the ADV3201 operates at a gain of +2. Price for either the 32 x 32 ADV3200 and ADV3201 is $120 each/100 and are available now. The 32 x 16 ADV3202 and ADV3203 cost $65 each/100 and will be in full production by November. ANALOG DEVICES, INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 426-2564.


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