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Video Decoders Capture And Output Raw And Bit-Slice VBI

Designed to convert analog signals from video sources, such as cameras and VCRs, to digital signals that can be manipulated by a computer, the HMP8116 and HMP8117 chips are claimed to be the most cost-effective, high-performance NTSC/PAL video decoder ICs available today. The new video decoders include all of the patented features that made possible the high performance and ease of design of the firm's last generation decoder chip- namely, HMP8115- as well as packing an RGB (red-green-blue) input mode feature that delivers on the International Telecommunications Union Recommendation (ITU-R) BT.656 F transmission standard. Other key features of the decoders include: the Videolyzer Macrovision detect feature (Macrovision is an anti-copying scheme); raw and sliced vertical blanking interval (VBI) data capture and output; four output modes; two on-chip 8-bit A/D converters; patented comb filter for optimum color-luminance separation; and more.The new video decoders can accept all versions of NTSC or PAL in composite video blanking and synchronization (CVBS) and separate luminance and chrominance (S-video) analog video formats. The decoders have built-in digital adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation (color intensity), hue, image sharpness, and noise reduction via the chips' I2C serial interface. HMP8117 includes an additional Videolyzer feature for detecting and correctly processing Macrovision encoded video signals.

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