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Video Decoders Infiltrate DVD/PVR Markets

Optimized for consumer video and multimedia applications such as DVD equipment, personal video recorders (PVRs), set-top boxes and projectors, the VPX 322xF fourth-generation family of video decoders add features that include component-video input, and detection of Macrovison 7.1 anti-taping technology. The devices employ an architecture that offers access to closed-caption and copy-generation-management-system data via an I2C interface. The devices also provide data slicing for all VBI data formats, including WST 525/625 teletext, VPS, US/European close-captioning, WSS 525/625 (CGMS), US NABTS, VITC 525/625, Gemstar 1x/2x, and Moji Japanese teletext. Said to be the smallest in their class, the decoders are available in either a PMQFP-64 or a 44-pin PMQFP-44 and specify a power consumption of less than 500 mW. Prices start at $5.25 each/10,000. For more details, call MICRONAS SEMICONDUCTOR HOLDING AG, Zurich, Switzerland. +41-1-445-3960.


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