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Video Encoder Chip Integrates Filters, Amplifiers And DACs

Output filters, amplifiers and D/A converters are all integrated on a video encoder IC that displaces up to a dozen external components that had been required to filter and amplify the analog output of a video encoder. The device accepts an 8-bit-wide, high-speed stream of uncompressed digital video from an MPEG decoder and converts it into analog video for playback on a monitor or TV in NTSC composite or S-Video formats.The chip comes in two versions. The ML6461 is for use in set-top boxes, digital cameras, camcorders, graphics cards and PCs. The ML6460 includes Macrovision copy protection for DVD applications. Each of the chips contains: a timing generator; closed-caption VBI encoder; three D/A converters; a summer circuit; two 6th-order, low-pass reconstruction filters; and three 75 ohm video amplifiers. The 8-bit digital input port accepts YCrCb video in either CCIR601 or square-pixel formats.

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