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Video Filter/Buffers Boost Performance And Integration

Set for SD and HD applications, i.e., digital TV, Blu-ray, and PVR products plus set-top boxes, the TSH345 and TSH346 integrated video filters/buffers drive output signals to the TV screen over 75-Ohm video connections. By integrating three complete filters/buffers into a single chip, the devices eliminate multiple discrete components for transmitting RGB signals or component video such as Y-Pb-Pr. They also operate without an input capacitor and require a single 5V supply. The TSH345 can drive either HD signals up to 30 MHz or SD video in progressive or interlaced formats. A stand-by pin enables a power-saving mode. The TSH346 specifically targets HD equipment. Both devices perform as direct replacements or as a second source for other filter/buffer ICs. The TSH345 is a replacement for the FMS6203, FMS6418, ADA4412-3, or MAX7454 while the TSH346 replaces the FMS6363, ML6426-5, ADA4417-3, THS7316, or MAX9500-9501. Prices for the TSH345 and TSH346 are $1.20 and $0.80 each/1,000, respectively. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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