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Video Filter/Driver Packs Multiple Features

Three types of video filters, high definition (HD), progressive scan (PS), and standard definition (SD), reside on the FMS6407 video filter/driver IC. Since it handles all three popular video formats, the device can operate in TVs, PCs, set-top boxes and DVDs. The device contains a triple 6th order filter with selectable 30-, 15-, and 8-MHz cutoff filters to handle a broad range of video applications. These filters can be bypassed, allowing the output amplifiers to accommodate higher bandwidth (80 MHz) PC applications. The chip contains 2-to-1 multiplexers to accommodate multiple video formats such as YpbPr/RGB or YpbPr/YC-CV. It automatically adjusts sync tip clamp voltages to the appropriate levels, depending on the video format selected. All three outputs are driven by amplifiers with selectable gains of 0 dB or 6 dB, which can drive 1 Vpp or 2 Vpp signals into ac- or dc-coupled terminated video loads. The device is packaged in a 20-pin TSSOP. Price is $1.52 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 822-2314.


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