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Video MUXers Break Speed And Bandwidth Limits

Two video multiplexing (MUX) amplifiers, the LMH6574 and LMH6572, claim titles as the industry’s fastest single 4:1 and triple 2:1 devices, respectively. Additionally, they are said to exhibit higher bandwidths than comparable amplifiers: 400 MHz for the LMH6574 and 300 MHz for the LMH6572. The LMH6574 specifies a 150 MHz, 0.1 dB gain flatness, switching time of 8 ns, and 85 dB of channel-to-channel isolation. The LMH6572 provides a 60 MHz, 0.1 dB gain flatness, which supports RGB switching, 10 ns switching time, and a 90 dB channel-to-channel isolation. Both devices attribute their performance levels to the company’s VIP10 process, a dielectrically isolated, complementary BiCMOS process that employs deep-trench technology on a bonded wafer. Prices for the LMH6574 and LMH6572 are $2.49 and $3.50 each/1,000, respectively. For further information and availability call NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR, Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959


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