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Video Shift Register IC Integrates Mux & Demux

The VSC6424 is a 500-Mb/s, 40-bit video shift register that integrates both the multiplexer (parallel in, serial out) and demultiplexer (serial in, parallel out) functions. Designers of high-speed memory interfaces for video, medical, telecommunications and ATE equipment can use the IC to eliminate the design time and costs associated with ASICs in such applications.The multiple shift length configurations offered by the device include eight 5-bit, eight 4-bit, five 8-bit, four 10-bit, two 16-bit, two 20-bit, one 32-bit or one 40-bit shift registers, any one of which is user-configurable. The device's internal timing generation provides for 500-Mb/s operation, while external timing generation at 250 Mb/s provides for backwards compatibility with lower-speed designs and previous generations of shift registers. The device operates from 3.3V and-2V at 2.7W maximum. Packaging is a 128-lead PQFP.


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