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Voltage Comparator Improves Sensor Detection

The first in a family of CMOS voltage comparators, the ALD2321 claims a 50,000:1 improvement in small signal threshold detection when compared to current 200- to 1,000-pW technologies. The device employs a unique front end with an input-signal power specification of 0.004 pW (0.2 mV x 20 pA) that promises to expand the useful range of existing and new analog sensors that generate sub-mV outputs. The low input power design is the result of the company’s EPAD technology that precisely trims a variety of CMOS circuit elements at the die or package level. Once trimmed, the device voltage and current characteristics are stored in the chip even when power is removed. Programming or trimming is performed via a series of software controlled voltage bursts to a floating gate structure. Other comparator features include 3V to 11V operation, a power consumption of 110 µA, push-pull outputs, 50 mA output sink current, and a 30 TTL-load fanout. Depending on the grade, prices range from $1.78 to $2.69 each/100. ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 747-1155.


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