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Wolfson’s TV CODECs Integrate Complete Audio System

Primed for flat-panel television (FP-TV) applications, the WM8593, WM8594, and WM8599 FP-TV CODECs integrate four channels of audio d/a conversion, two channels of a/d conversion, and SCART switching with support for 2 VRMS inputs and outputs. The WM8593 also integrates a digital audio multiplexer supporting five digital channels to reduce interface requirements on the FP-TV host processor. The device supports eight stereo input channels and three stereo output channels, allowing any analog input signal to be routed to any output. The WM8594 supports five stereo audio inputs, three audio outputs, and fixed digital routing, while the WM8599 supports five stereo input channels and three stereo output channels, and features a common interface for its two d/a converters. Each CODEC in the family includes power-down, mute, and reset inputs and operates from 3.3V and 9V supplies. Prices for, the WM8593, WM8594, and WM8599 are $2.56, $2.15, and $2.08 each/10,000, respectively. WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC, San Diego, CA. (858) 676-5090.


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