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Xceive Silicon Challenges Conventional TV Tuners

Seeking to displace the existing "can" television-tuner architecture, the next generation XC5000 silicon tuner claims to be the most highly integrated silicon tuner while exceeding worldwide analog and digital TV requirements for terrestrial and cable reception. Optimized for large-screen hybrid televisions, the device specifies an un-weighted SNR of 54 dB and a noise figure of better than 6 dB. It employs the company's QuickTune technology that allows for a complete channel scan of more than 100 channels in less than two seconds and ChannelVista advanced picture-in-picture technology, which accommodates the viewing of up to 12 channels simultaneously. The tuner also provides real-time performance monitoring of key television parameters. Samples of the XC5000 are available now with production quantities shipping in the second quarter. Price is less than $6 each in volume. XCEIVE CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 486-5610.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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