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Electronic Design

1-GHz Four-Channel DSO Samples Up To 2 Gsamples/s

The LT584 Waverunner-2 digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) features four channels and a 1-GHz bandwidth with a 2-Gsample/s sampling rate. The instrument offers 250 kpoints of acquisition memory per channel.

When using only two inputs, the LT584 samples at 4 Gsamples/s into 500 kpoints of memory. Users can choose between memory options offering 1 million or 4 million points of acquisition memory per channel (interleaving to 2 million or 8 million points when using two channels). An Advanced Trigger Package offers runt and slew-rate triggering.

The LT584 suits engineers who work on component design, digital electronics, medium-speed communications protocols, and automotive applications. It comes standard with an 8.4-in. color TFT display and advanced triggers for troubleshooting. A wide variety of signal-measurement capabilities are included.

The LT584 costs $18,490.

LeCroy Corp.
(800) 453-2769;

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