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100-MHz Digital Scopes Offer 16-Channel Logic Timing Capability

Four additions to the Agilent 6000 Series bring high-powered performance to the 100-MHz portable digital storage and mixed-signal oscilloscope arena. The instruments target designers working on projects based on 8- and 16-bit MCUs and FPGAs. The models include two-and four-channel versions with or without 16 logic-timing channels.

All of the scopes have a 2-Gsample/s acquisition rate on each channel and come with 1-Mpoint memories (2- and 8-Mpoint options are available). Waveform viewing is enhanced with the proprietary MegaZoom III display technology, which delivers a real-time, high-resolution XGA waveform with 256-level color intensity. The waveform is updated 100,000 times/s.

Advanced triggering capability includes triggering across all channels, serial bus triggering (I2C, SPI, USB, CAN, and LIN), and analog HDTV/EDTV triggering. All 6000 series scopes come standard with LAN, GPIB, and USB interfaces. The MSO models fully support Agilent's FPGA dynamic probe, introduced for the company's logic analyzers last year. With the probe, designers using Xilinx FPGAs in their projects can "see" inside the array and correlate this internal view with events on their system using the instrument's scope and logic channels.

The DSO6012A (two DSO channels) costs $4595. The MSO6012A (two + 16) is $6595. The DSO6014A (four channels) costs $5595. The MSO6014A (four + 16) is $7595. All are available now. Memory upgrades start at $500. A customer-installable DSO-to-MSO kit costs $2000. The N5406A FPGA probe is $1995.

Agilent Technologies Inc.

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