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160 x 160-Pixel Display Focuses On Portables

The TG16162FEBH, 160 x 160-pixel graphic LED display is targeted for use in portable applications, such as handheld organizers, instruments, and alarm panels. Its total outline is just 69 by 69.5 mm. The standard, FSTN (black dots) model has a blue electroluminescent backlight. Other key fetaures include extermely low logic-current consumption (less than 40 µA), a 4- or 8-bit parallel interface, higher resolution due to tighter pixel gaps (0.015 mm), touch-panel capability, and wide operating temperature range (-20°C to +70°C). Quantity pricing starts at $31 each. Samples are available from stock to fourteen days ARO, and production quantities in 8 to 12 weeks ARO.

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