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2-Gsample/s Scopes Boast Deep Memory For Two Analog, 16 Timing Channels

To help engineers debug today's increasingly fast and complex designs, the Agilent 54640 series of mixed-signal oscilloscopes offers two channels for acquiring analog signals and 16 digital (timing) channels. The scopes feature 2-Gsample/s rates and a proprietary MegaZoom architecture for their 8-Mbyte/channel memories.

Two bandwidths are available. The 54641A (two analog channels) and 54641D (two analog plus 16 digital channels) have 350-MHz bandwidths. The 54642A (two analog) and 54642D (two plus 16) have 500-MHz bandwidths. A high-definition display allows the scopes to map their deep memories into 32 levels of gray scale at up to 25 million vectors/s.

Triggering features include edge, pulse width, pattern, sequence, and TV. Serial triggering capabilities include Controller Area Network (CAN), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C), and Serial Protocol Interface (SPI).

The MegaZoom deep memory architecture provides instant response to control changes, even with the deepest memories. Also, it automatically sets the memory depth to permit the maximum sample rate whenever the user changes the horizontal scale. The scopes incorporate a custom acquisition and display system ASIC for each input channel, so multiple tasks can be handled in parallel rather than serially.

The 54641A costs $5495; the 54641D is $7995, the 54642A $7495, and the 54642D $10,495. All are available now.

Agilent Technologies Inc., www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7657.

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