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20-MHz Synthesizer Features High Accuracy

Employing an ovenized quartz crystal time-base, the Model 2975AX disciplined quartz frequency standard features a stability of ±5 × 10–11 per day when disciplined to a 1-pps source. Daily aging is better than ±1 × 10–10 during holdover. The benchtop instrument provides one 10-MHz and one 5-MHz output on the front panel, along with a synthesized output. An auto-adaptive disciplining algorithm, which requires no user intervention, tracks the 1-pps source from a GPS receiver or smart antenna. Simple front-panel controls and a two-line display allow setting of the synthesized frequency in 1-µHz steps up to 20 MHz. The instrument automatically saves the synthesized output in EEPROM, so that after a power interruption the 2975AX outputs remain the same. Two additional BNC connectors on the rear panel accommodate the 1-pps input and output. The 2975AX lists for $1,995. A GPS1 smart GPS antenna is available for $1,295. Delivery is from stock to four weeks. NOVATECH INSTRUMENTS INC., Seattle, WA. (206) 301-8986.


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