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At Up To 20,000 mcd, 5-mm LEDs Replace Incandescent Bulbs

Offered in red, blue, yellow, and true-green versions, the TLC series of LEDs features luminous intensity as high as 20,000 mcd. The devices are built on aluminum-indium-gallium-phosphide (for red and yellow) and indium-gallium-nitride (for blue and true green) technologies and offer a choice of 8° (TLC.58xx) or 18° (TLC.51xx) emission angles. The 8° LEDs combine the levels of light output from 2000 (blue) to 20,000 mcd (red), while the range for the 18° LEDs is 1500 to 11,000 mcd. The LEDs can replace incandescent lamps in automotive, traffic, and outdoor-display applications. All of the devices employ an untinted, nondiffused lens with a 5-mm diameter. The reverse voltage for all devices in the series is 5 V, and the maximum dc forward current is 50 mA for red and yellow devices and 30 mA for blue and true-green devices. In 100,000-unit quantities, pricing starts at $38.00 per 100 pieces for the blue and true-green versions and at $7.60 per 100 pieces for the red and yellow devices.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
www.vishay.com; (203) 445-5501

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