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20.1-In., Digital-Interface Color LCD Module Targets High-End Displays

Manufacturers of high-end displays have a new component at their disposal—a 20.1-in., high-resolution, color LCD module with a digital interface. This device, the NL128102AC31-02, has an unusually wide 170° maximum viewing angle (top/down and left/right), making it equivalent to a 22- to 23-in. CRT monitor. Intended for graphic design, desktop publishing, and medical applications, it also extends NEC Electronics' line of SXGA displays by building on the company's recent 18.1-in. version.

The display employs a thin-film transistor (TFT) active matrix screen. Its low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) interface delivers 8-bit RGB with 16.77 million colors and a resolution of up to 1280 by 1240 pixels. The module's external dimensions allow full interchangeability with NEC's 20.1-in. analog interface LCD monitor modules (the NL128102AC31-01, -01B). So the digital interface unit can provide variations in existing monitor lines without the need for modifications in product housings.

Its average brightness is 200 candelas/m2, and its typical contrast ratio is 250:1. The pixel pitch is 0.312 mm, both horizontally and vertically. The screen measures 399.36 by 319.49 mm. Overall display dimensions are typically 470 by 382 by 42.5 mm. Including the inverter, it has a maximum weight of 2430 g. It consumes 46.6 W at 200 candelas/m2.

Sample quantities are available now. Pricing is in the $4000 range. Volume production quantities of up to 5000 units per month are expected to begin shipping in July.

NEC Electronics Inc., 2880 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95052; (800) 366-9782; fax (800) 729-9288; www.necel.com.

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