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21" Display Targeted At Multi-Tasking Projects

Multi-tasking projects become easier with the new 21" (20" VIS) 445ZA display. Featuring FullScreen (TM) technology for demanding office applications, the 445ZA's larger screen allows several applications to be simultaneously active and enables users to work on multiple projects or documents at the same time. It is also equipped with the company's integrated BusinessAudio system, complete with dual 5W stereo speakers, an audio headset connection, and an integrated microphone. It also features an easy to use on-screen password-protected menu that allows users to adjust their display for optimal clarity and display performance. The 445ZA is said to meet or exceeds industry standards for visual ergonomics, power consumption, electromagnetic emissions and environmental compact. Featuring exclusive PowerSaver technology, the 445ZA reduces power consumption up to 30% over that required by TCO'99 standards.

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