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2.5-Gbps Serializer Performs Clock Synthesis

The MAX3890, a 3.3V, 2.5-Gbps SDH/SONET 16:1 serializer with clock synthesis and LVDS inputs, is suited for converting 16-bit-wide, 155-Mbps parallel data to 2.5-Gbps serial data. The device forms a complete 2.5-Gbps transceiver when used with the MAX3867 laser driver with APC, the MAX3866 TIA and limiting amplifier, and the MAX3880 1:16 deserializer with clock recovery. The MAX3890 dissipates only 495 mW, reportedly the lowest of any available 2.5-Gbps serializer. It also offers low jitter and accepts LVDS clock and data inputs for interfacing with high-speed digital circuitry. Evaluation kits are available.


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