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3-in. LCD Touch Screens Have High Contrast

Designed to offer a brilliant display combined with touch capability in the tight form factors of many hand-held and rack-size applications, the TSR5413 (and LMR5413) series of negative-mode LCDs offer high contrast due to their combination of dark black (or dark blue) background and ultra-bright LED design. Measuring 85mm x 55mm with a 2.9-in. diagonal active area, these displays enable the addition of touch interactivity to even the smallest applications. The ultra-bright negative-mode displays are an option for designers of hand-held instruments, rack-mounted equipment, audio equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, and industrial indoor meters. These LCDs utilize premium materials and excellent cell gap control to accommodate the high graphic content of a 240 x 128 display packed into a module that is only 55 mm tall. Contact the company directly for pricing and delivery information. DENSITRON CORP., Santa Fe Springs, CA. (562) 941-5000 x252.


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