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3-oz. Wireless Handheld PC Connects To The Internet

WiPC (Wireless internet PC) is a wireless mobile broadband device that provides access to Internet-based information and entertainment content as well as voice, data, and video communications. The 3-oz. handheld device integrates an SVGA color liquid crystal micro-display, magnifying optics, and video technologies to create a virtual 15-in. image comparable to a standard notebook display or a large-screen television. WiPC systems provide a full PC color image ideal for viewing standard web pages and HD media. The product is available to OEMs and large consumer electronics distributors with advanced operating systems: Android, Linux, or Windows. WiPC includes support for 3.5G, Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi. The company plans to add cellular handset capabilities in future product releases, allowing WiPC users to connect while on-the-go. BLUERADIOS INC., Englewood, CO. (303) 957-1003.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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