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32-Channel Scope-Like Tool Boasts Real-Time Math

Backed by recorder-like measurement capabilities, the DL750 ScopeCorder provides the triggering and analysis capabilities of a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO). The system consists of a mainframe and interchangeable modules. It also accepts up to 16 logic inputs. The unit includes eight plug-in modules, real-time math and filtering capabilities, and a voice-recording function. A DSP math and filtering option provides six "virtual" channels of real-time math and filtering, a major advantage over the standard math functions available on most digital oscilloscopes. The DL750 can display computed waveforms and monitor computed values (period, frequency, maximum voltage, FFT, etc.) in real time as well. Pricing for a basic two-channel module ranges from $1200 to $1400.

Yokogawa Corporation of America
www.us.yokogawa.com; (800) 258-2552

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