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4" VGA Resolution Low-Temp Polysilicon LCD World's First?

Ultra-high resolution and low power consumption are just two of the benefits offered by the LTM04C380S, claimed as the world's first 4" low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD with 200-pixel/inch VGA resolution. The device offers ultra-high resolution, high durability, light weight and low power consumption. The 4" LCD panel is well-suited for palmtop and handheld portable applications, including digital cameras, PDAs, telecommunication devices as well as other information equipment.The LTPS technology incorporates a cell composed of polysilicon, a material said to be capable of achieving higher electronic mobility than the amorphous silicon found in typical active-matrix and other LCDs. Therefore, peripheral driver circuits that control the display can be integrated directly onto the substrate, eliminating the need for externally-mounted driver ICs around the display panel.


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