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5-1/2-Digit DVM Module Packs Direct Character Display Interface

A new stand-alone digital voltmeter (DVM) module is designed for precision measurement applications. Employing a high-resolution A/D converter and integral multi-line character display driver interface, the ALD MB203A module functions as a precision, ±5-1/2-digit DVM and features a direct-connect interface to many 16-character x 2- or 1-line LCD/VFD character display modules. The module is designed to be fully compatible with character displays containing HD44780 display driver chips. Powered by the ALD500R/ALD523D chipset, the module is primarily intended for embedded display applications, including digital panel meters, custom instrumentation displays, temperature monitoring, weigh scales, and other applications where greater than 4-1/2-digit display resolution is required. Virtually any dc input voltage can be converted, scaled and displayed with resolution up to seven full digits plus sign (±9999999). DC inputs are single ended (optionally fully differential) with auto-zero and auto-input polarity detection. Operating power supply requirement is a single +5 Vdc at 9 mA max. Overall module outline dimensions are approximately 3.00" x 2.95" x 0.50". MB203A modules are priced at $98 each in single quantities. ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 747-1155.


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