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5-mm Thick PLED Displays Replace LCDs

The models in a new line of polymer LED (PLED) displays from One Stop Displays measure only 5 mm thick with lighting. Many systems that use reflective LCD technologies can't expand into backlit technologies because of the thickness added by backlit modules. These new polymer LED displays act as 16-by-2 drop-in replacements for comparably sized reflective LCDs.

The OSD1602-3 is one of five sizes of 16- by 2-character yellow-green emissive PLED displays that can add lighting without changing mechanical requirements. Overall module dimensions are 84.0 by 44.0 mm, and viewing dimensions are 65.6 by 16.0 mm. The low-power display supports low-light conditions with adjustable brightness and a contrast ratio greater than 200:1. It has a 160° viewing angle. Operating temperature ranges from ?20°C to 50°C.

All the PLED displays in the line comply with the protocols of the LCD industry set by chip sets from Hitachi and Samsung. Pricing on the OSD1602-3 starts at $12 for sample quantities and $10 or less for 1000-unit quantities and up.
One Stop Displays

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Innovative technology allows Kopin's industrial and military active-matrix LCDs to operate at temperatures down to ?40°C. The company's low-voltage architecture reduces video levels by 50%, substantially reducing power consumption. In addition, Kopin's "Vcom Thin Film" technology integrates thin-film structures into the backplane. These structures serve as an active-matrix element while simultaneously operating as an integral heating element, enabling the display to operate at temperatures down to ?40°C. Intimate contact of the thin film with the liquid crystal material results in the ultra-high heating efficiency and cold-start operation within seconds. Kopin's new technology initially will be available in monochrome and color VGA displays. Go to www.kopin.com to find out more.

Designed to offer high brightness and excellent viewing characteristics in a slim package, Vishay's 128-by-32 LED graphics display with drive electronics and +5-V video interface is a solid-state alternative to plasma displays. The LED-128G032 actually serves as a drop-in replacement for the popular APD-128G032 plasma display module. It has four times the life of a plasma display. Its viewing area is 12.75 by 3.15 in. with a sleek 17.78-mm profile. The display emits a brilliant orange color with 16.51- by 11.43-mm characters. Samples are available now. Pricing is as low as $259 in OEM volume quantities. Learn more at www.vishay.com

Tvia Inc., a fabless semiconductor company that designs and develops digital display processors, is offering a new OEM manufacturing service. It will ship flat-panel TVs, complete knockdown kits (CDKs), and semi knock-down kits (SDKs) to OEMs to help them lower manufacturing costs and reduce time-to-market. Electronics companies that want to benefit from China's low-cost manufacturing base face challenges in locally managing project schedules, ensuring product quality, and delivering documentation. By providing engineering resources, project management, and experienced manufacturing partners, Tvia allows companies to tap into low-cost manufacturing inside China. For more information, go to www.tvia.com

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