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802.11a Antennas Populate Wi-Fi Marketplace

Wireless networking has expanded and broken off into multiple markets, applications, and technologies. As a result, manufacturers must often create multiple components for the same general market. MAXRAD, for instance, just introduced more than 20 different antenna models. They are all designed for Wi-Fi networks operating in ISM, UNII-3, and HiperLAN frequencies. These models are part of the company's XtremeWave line of broadband-wireless and wireless local area network (WLAN) antenna solutions. This product line comprises nearly 250 separate models of antennas and accessories.

The newest line-up includes point-to-point parabolic reflector antennas, directional panel antennas, 60° symmetric sector antennas, and point-to-multipoint omnidirectional fiberglass base-station antennas. In addition, six new tape-mounted, ultra-thin antennas target outdoor or indoor mobile and fixed networks. All of these products are designed to operate in the 5.1-to-5.3-GHz HiperLAN or 5.7-to-5.8-GHz ISM/UNII-3 frequencies.

The new XtremeWave 802.11a antennas are available through MAXRAD's network of distributors and manufacturer's representatives. For more information, visit the company's web site.

4350 Chandler Dr., Hanover Park, IL 60133; (630) 372-6800, FAX: (630) 372-8077, www.maxrad.com.

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