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AC/DC Current Probes For Scopes Handle Up To 500 A

A family of wide-bandwidth active current probes from Agilent Technologies can be directly connected to any oscilloscope with a high-impedance BNC connector. Low noise, high accuracy and low circuit insertion loss make the N278xA series probes well-suited for capturing transient or steady-state currents in today’s power electronics applications. The N2780A and N2783A current probes deliver a flat bandwidth response from dc to 2 MHz and dc to 100 MHz, respectively. A hybrid technology that includes a Hall-effect sensor and an ac current transformer allows the N2780A to handle 500 A rms and the N2783A to measure up to 30 A rms without breaking into the circuit.

Overload protection capability prevents damage from excessive input. Both probes feature 1&37; accuracy and a high signal-to-noise ratio. A demagnetize button on the probes removes any residual magnetism that builds up in the magnetic core. Typical applications include measurements of motor drives, switching power supplies, inverters, controllers, disk drives, LCD displays, electronic ballast, and current amplifier driving loads. The N278xA series is available now. Prices start at $2295. For more information, go to www.agilent.com/find/N2780A.

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