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Adaptor Displays All LXI Triggers On Single Scope

The result of a joint effort involving Agilent Technologies and Pickering Interfaces, the 60-981 and 60-990 LXI wired trigger bus (WTB) adaptors allow Agilent 6000 and 8000 Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes to show the logical state and analog representations of all eight LXI WTB channels on a single display. It is reportedly the only adaptor on the market able to do this and replaces ad hoc trigger systems commonly used with GPIB-based automated test systems where instruments exchange proprietary triggers using coaxial cables and other I/O connections. The adaptor exchanges trigger signals with a standard interface that eliminates makeshift wiring, signal routing, switching, and level buffering over distances exceeding 10m. For further information, call PICKERING INTERFACES INC., Grants Pass, OR. (541) 471-0700.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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