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Adaptor Shows All LXI Trigger Bus Channels On One Scope Display

Agilent Technologies and Pickering Industries Ltd. have introduced a wired trigger bus (WTB) adaptor that allows Agilent 6000 and 8000 Series mixed-signal oscillators (MSOs) to show the logical state and analog representations of all eight LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) WTB channels on one display. The Pickering Interfaces’ 60-990 adaptor connects directly to the MSO’s 40-pin connector through an Agilent lead and to the LXI WTB via a standard WTB cable assembly. Using the MSO’s digital channel input, developers can view all eight LXI WTB channels simultaneously. With the Pickering 60-981 WTB probe, the analog waveforms of an LXI WTB channel can be displayed.

The LXI WTB provides a simple and elegant method of exchanging trigger signals between LXI devices that use the WTB. It replaces ad hoc trigger systems commonly seen in GPIB-based automated test systems where instruments can exchange proprietary triggers between devices using coaxial cables and other digital I/O connections. The LXI WTB provides a way of exchanging these trigger signals with a standardized interface that eliminates the makeshift wiring, signal routing, switching, and level buffering over distances exceeding 10 m with low latency and high speed.


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Visit www.pickeringtest.com/60-990.

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