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Adhesive Acts As Encapsulant For OLEDs And LCDs

A dual-stage, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) has been developed for encapsulating rigid and flexible OLEDs, LCDs, electronic papers, and other types of displays. The first stage involves applying a layer of the pliable, instantly bonding PSA to the display, with the adhesive next exposed to UV light to create a high-strength bond between adhesive and display; no post heat processing is required. The PSA is said to provide an easily controllable, consistent thickness encapsulant that can replace liquid epoxy adhesives. The PSA is supplied in roll form to facilitate use in high-speed manufacturing operations. And it can be pre-cut to specific shapes. For more details, contact Dave Williams at ADHESIVE RESEARCH INC., Glen Rock, PA. (800) 445-6240


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