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ADP Tests Thin-Film Energy Storage Technology

Allegedly a first of its kind, the THINERGY application development platform (ADP) teams with the company’s family of thin-film micro-energy cells (MECs), allowing designers to create microelectronic applications such as perpetually powered and deeply embedded systems. The ADP promises to simplify the typical lab setup for micro-battery testing and is suitable for evaluating MEC performance, the effectiveness of charging circuits using ambient energy harvesting, and overall system development of the end application. It provides a method to charge, discharge, and monitor the MECs during device evaluation and system integration. A built-in demo mode provides pre-defined loads, such as constant resistance, constant current, pulsed current, and standard LED load, to discharge the battery while displaying the time, state of charge, and discharge voltage/current. The kit includes the THINERGY ADP tool, three MEC daughter cards that plug into the ADP for evaluation, power and programming cables, and a comprehensive user guide. A data-logging capability is also available as a software-upgrade option. For more details, call Tim Bradow at INFINITE POWER SOLUTIONS INC., Littleton, CO. (303) 749-4744.


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