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Advanced IDE Facility Improves Software Development

As an advanced feature of AdaCore's GNAT Programming Studio 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the GPS Remote Programming facility offers a secure, efficient, and flexible way for software development teams to reduce costs by taking full advantage of their desktop computers and networks. Traditionally, operations are executed on a central server, which requires large network and power resources. Developers either use an IDE displayed via an X Window system, or they abandon the IDE and resort to a test editor and terminal.

But GPE Remote Programming separates the software development project into a multiple-client, single-/multiple-server environment. It makes all project sources available on both the desktop PC and the server, which allows IDE-related operations to be carried out on the local desktop computer using the its CPU, display, and memory. As soon as a remote action is required—such as compilation, debugging, or execution—the IDE automatically connects to the remote machine, synchronizes the files when necessary, and performs the action. Limiting the number of operations carried out on the remote server reduces the amount of network and power usage needed. The result is greater control of the development environment, ensuring that the code that is tested will be exactly the production code that will run. It also provides easier installation of node-locked software and easier sharing of project sources and builds.


Remote Programming is available in GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) 4.0, which accompanies the GNAT Pro development toolset. PRICING

Prices for GNAT Pro subscriptions start at $14,000. FOR MORE INFORMATION

Visit www.adacore.com.
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