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All-Format Video Decoder Eliminates Multiple Devices

Eradicating the need for multiple decoder ICs and promising ease of use, the TVP5200 all-format decoder chip is an analog front end device that enables the display of both PC graphics and standard and high-definition video formats. Said to be the industryÕs first such device, the chip includes three 9-bit, 165-MHz a/d converters, a 10-bit, 80-MHz a/d converter, and a programmable RISC processor.Upping integration levels even further, the chip includes a variety of peripheral video functions, such as input video switching, color-space conversion, composite sync processing, and output video timing generation. As a result, up to four additional discrete components may be eliminated from designs that employ this chip.The device provides 16 analog video inputs with integrated switches, allowing for multi-source connections. These are said to generate standards-compliant, digital-video output formats that can interface to any DSP or ASIC.Other features include automatic video-standard detection, the companyÕs patented and certified MacroVision copy protection/detection technology, and a proprietary, patented architecture that locks on to weak, noisy or unstable signals generated from from VCRs or television antennas. In terms of the end user, the decoder makes display devices, such as digitally-processed TVs (DPTVs) and LCD TVs, to be more user friendly. For example, if the user wants to add a peripheral such as a gaming system to the TV, additional cables, I/O devices, or other components would not be needed. With production volumes scheduled for the third quarter of this year, pricing for the TVP5200 is expected to be less than $19 each/1,000. For further information, contact TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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