Electronic Design

Altera And National Semiconductor Double-Team Automotive Video Apps

Graphics interconnect solutions being jointly developed by Altera and National Semiconductor address the growing use of digital video in automotive infotainment and driver-assistance applications. The partnership leverages Altera's Cyclone III FPGAs and National's FPD-Link II embedded clock SERDES architecture to deliver high-speed, long-range data-exchange solutions that reportedly provide high bandwidth, low electromagnetic interference (EMI), increased reliability and lower system costs. Through the initial collaboration, a reference design embarks showing the transmission of a digital video bit stream over a 10-meter CAT6 cable to National's DS90C124 FPD-Link II deserializer. The deserializer output interfaces directly to a Cyclone III FPGA, which processes the incoming signals and sends the resulting video to a display. For more information, visit http://www.altera.com or call ALTERA CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 544-7000.


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