Electronic Design

Ambient Light Sensors Control Consumer, Automotive Lighting Applications

A line of ambient light sensors from Vishay give designers a choice of surface-mount 0805 (TEMT6200F) or leaded 5-mm flat-top (TEPT5700) or 3-mm (TEPT4400) packages. The angle of half intensity is ±60° for the TEMT6200F, ±50° for the TEPT5700, and ±30° for the TEPT4400. The TEMT6200F peak wavelength sensitivity is 550 nm, while the TEPT5700 and TEPT4400 it is 570 nm, green-yellow on the visible spectrum. The sensors reduce power consumption in consumer electronics applications by controlling keypad backlights, and will adjust the brightness of LCDs. In automotive applications, the sensors enable automatic headlight control, tunnel sensors, and displays that adjust automatically to changes in ambient brightness. As phototransistors, the sensors eliminate the need for an external amplifier. Product datasheets are available at www.vishay.com/doc?81317 for the TEMT6200F, www.vishay.com/doc?81341 for the TEPT4400, and www.vishay.com/doc?81321 for the TEPT5700.

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