Electronic Design

Ambient Light Sensors Enable Daylight Harvesting

AustriaMicrosystems-AA family of ambient light sensors enables sophisticated daylight harvesting for intelligent lighting systems and luminaires. The TSL4531 family of sensors provides a direct lux output and a 16-bit digital interface. They also offer a sensitivity range from 3 lux to 220,000 lux, thereby preventing saturation from direct sunlight while implementing a photopic response model that spectrally matches light perception in the human eye. Sophisticated filters automatically reject the 50-60 Hz ripple typically produced by a building’s fluorescent lighting systems, enabling the sensed light levels to measure the daylight that is entering the building. Already employed in mobile devices, displays, televisions and medical applications, this technology is now available for general lighting. The TSL4531 ambient light sensor IC is available now in volume production.


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