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Analog Drivers Reach 10 Gb/s

The GD19901 and GD19903 modulator drivers and the GD19902 AGC amplifier are designed for 10 Gb/s optical transmitter front ends and DWDM applications. The two drivers provide a high-power, single-ended or differential output drive to an external optical modulator operating at 10 Gb/s. The GD19901 offers 3Vpk-pk output and the GD19903 has a 5Vpk-pk output. Typical rise and fall time is 45 ps, and an analog monitor output is provided to give full control of peak-to-peak output voltage swing. The GD19901 operates from -6.5V or 5V power supplies, and the GD19903 is operated from -8V to 5V power supplies. The GD19902 AGC amplifier operates from a single supply of -8V with a high output of 0.5 Vpk-pk. Gain is controlled in a 23-dB dynamic range from -3 dB to 20 dB with a typical bandwidth of 8 GHz.

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