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Analysis Tool Reveals PCIbus Activity

As an analysis tool for PCIbus developers, the FS2102 PCI Bus Active Analysis Probe and Extender works with HP's logic analyzers. This combination lets designers make sophisticated digital measurements to view PCIbus activity, measure setup and hold violations, characterize software, verify compliance, and measure performance specifications at the maximum bus speed of 66 MHz. The assembly works as an extender card for the 64-bit PCIbus and its active logic buffers present a single electrical load and provide clamping diodes that prevent unwanted reflections onto the PCIbus. Both sides of the card under test are available for probing. The assembly provides an electrical and mechanical interface to HP logic analyzers for passive PCIbus state analysis at 66 MHz. In state-analysis mode, the analyzer master clock is derived from the PCI clock and front panel switches and generated by protocol-sensitive logic. The PCIbus inverse assembler software executes in the HP logic analyzer, decoding the key PCIbus signals and presenting a readable display that lists the transaction type, address, data and key status conditions.


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