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Analyzers Conduct Real-Time Analysis Of High-Speed Serial Data Streams

A line of serial data analyzers makes it easy to accurately and reliably perform real-time measurement of high-speed serial data streams. The SDA 6000 boasts a 6-GHz signal-capture bandwidth with 75-ps typical rise time for data rates up to 3.5 Gbits/s. For slower data rates up to 2.5 Gbits/s, the SDA 5000 provides a 5-GHz signal-capture bandwidth with 90-ps typical rise time.

Both units incorporate the company's X-Stream technology, enabling long data arrays and high data throughput even when performing complex measurements. Silicon-germanium amplifiers and analog-to-digital converters track the incoming signal, digitize it to 10 Gsamples/s on each of the four input channels, and stream data to CMOS memory chips that accept the 10-Gbyte/s data rate for up to 48 million points of acquisition. The SDAs also include a unique user interface that incorporates measurement functions in one easy-to-read display.

Advanced eye diagram analysis and other troubleshooting tools allow users to track the cause of the anomaly. Both units perform a variety of measurements, including jitter, noise, duty cycle, overshoot, undershoot, extinction ratio, Q-factor, mean optical power, and amplitude. Mask testing of Sonet/synchronous digital hierarchy, Gigabit Ethernet, and other standards can also be conducted.

The SDA 6000 provides a 20-Gsample/s maximum sampling rate and low trigger jitter of less than 2.5 ps. With a long acquisition memory and a number of specialized analysis tools, this device can trace signal degradation problems back to their origin. The SDA 5000 offers many of the same features as the SDA 6000, with 5-GHz bandwidth inputs. Optional accessories include optical-to-electrical converters as well as reference receivers with optical bandwidth above 4 GHz.

The SDA 5000 and SDA 6000 cost $59,990 and $67,990, respectively. A 3-GHz version, the SDA 3000, costs $47,990.

LeCroy Corp., (800) 4-LECROY; www.lecroy.com.

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