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Analyzers Make Fast Work Of Jitter Measurements

Said to capture, analyze and display jitter measurements up to ten times faster than other test instruments, the J-260 and J-250 Jitter and Timing Analyzers combine powerful jitter/timing analysis with easy access to the views and measurements necessary for accurate analysis and troubleshooting of high-speed clocks, data signals, PLLs, and other fast signals. The 2-GHz bandwidth J-260 and 1-GHz J-250 feature a low jitter noise floorÑdown to 2 ps in the J-260Ñand jitter accuracy of 1 ps, with a 3-Sigma confidence level.With signal acquisition rates of up to 16 GS/s into 32 MB of memory, the analyzers can conduct single acquisitions with zero deadtime and no trigger jitter, the company says. Besides data streams, the instruments can capture and analyze single-ended or differential clocks, including DDR clocks, and even perform analysis of spread-spectrum clocks. Analysis functions include measuring half-period jitter of DDR clocks, with the company claiming that its analyzers are the first to tap this new measurement technology. A Jitter Views Toolbar on the front panel of the instruments is said to provide easy access to powerful viewing, statistical, measurement and analysis capabilities. Pricing of the J-250 starts at $35,180, while the J-260starts at $45,490. LECROY CORP., Chestnut Ridge, NY. (914) 425-2000.

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